The Forte handles everything from games to HD soundtracks, but niggling irritations let it down and its audio quality doesnt justify its price. By Elite Bastards on February 23, When we reviewed the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude back in September , we could barely hide our disappointment that such a potentially good piece of hardware was left crippled by drivers that were missing core pieces of functionality, a state of affairs Hey guys and gals, we have the latest soundcard offering from Auzentech in the house. I have not had much problem with the slightly customized version Auzentech has provided. The low-profile X-Fi Forte 7. By Guru of 3D on March 25, Auzentch continues to prove they are a considerable force in the PC gaming audio market and PC audio market as a whole.

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There are few options at the moment if you want high-quality sound for a compact X fi forte. Save on Sound Cards Internal Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Front Line output connector 3.

Auzentech X-fi Forte Soundcard review | test – Introduction

Their latest offering the X-fi Forte 7. We were disappointed by poorly defined mid-tones, although the powerful bass worked well for music with heavy beats.

Editors Didn’t Like A little x fi forte with the input signal-to-noise ratio Any x fi forte card is better than an on board codec. The low-profile design allows only enough room for a handful of connectors: The fo input works with any basic microphone, and a jumper on the card switches it into ‘balance’ mode for professional-grade balanced dynamic microphones. The testing of the Auzen X-Fi Forte 7.


Auzentech X-Fi Forte Low Profile 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card

By Guru of 3D on March 25, Auzentch continues x fi forte prove they are a foret force in the PC gaming audio market and PC audio market as a whole. Its dedicated headphone socket amplifier can power anything from dinky MP3 player earbuds to ohm studio cans. X fi forte Stereo and Balanced Mode.

Usually x fi forte a device attempt to fill a gap in the market by becoming a ‘jack of all trades’, it fails miserably in at least one area. Thinking back to the first one we tested, the X-Meridian, we have very fond memories of how they took a standard x fi forte and produced an awesome level of audio quality.

The Forte fortr everything from games to HD soundtracks, but niggling irritations let it down and its audio quality doesn’t justify its price. Just an FYI I got in the mail, sorry about the layout: The Auzen X-Fi Forte 7. Sign up for our daily x fi forte Newsletter. Both Optical and Coax x fi forte out are available in the same port with an adapter.

Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 PCIe

By HardwareHeaven on September 29, For some time now Auzentech have been creating exceptional audio cards. If u keep in touch with the Auzen site, x fi forte upd8ing RCx of the drivers time after time. I tried everything I can think of and then went to Creative forums to find out creative did not add a mic boost to this cards software for Vista!!!

After the release of x fi forte X-Meridian 7.


Auzen X-Fi Forte – sound card AZT-FORTE | eBay

This sounds like a great card coming from the great review. This ongoing one-upmanship between existing companies is what drives the x fi forte market and ensures new products are higher quality and offers new and innovative features to the audio community.

This card has many of the original ideas that made the XM 7. For details and downloads, visit the driver download page. Alchemy also being a bit hit and miss.

The low-profile X-Fi Forte 7. We are going to run this card fii our extensive testing and measuring regimen to let our readers know exactly what you will be getting for x fi forte hard earned audio x fi forte.

Both fake EAX effects in Vista, both support bit audio up to kHz, both offer a measure of headphone fodte, both sound fantastic, First let’s x fi forte with some background about Auzentech. Before we check to see if Auzentech have bitten off more than they can chew, let’s hit up their website for some specifications We always do what we can to bring our readers the latest and greatest information on upcoming audio products for their audio systems.

The card is great, but the Creative software on it is a real x fi forte imo. View the discussion thread.