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Wife breeding stories

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Wife breeding stories

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This was what happened, as much as I remember. It was evening in Las Vegas.

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Jake was back to admiring the view from his window when he felt a hand on his shoulder. She was all chuckles as he wet his finger with his drink and slipped it inside her cunt.

Well we can't be having a black baby! She made small talk and asked how he was and stuff.

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I thought it would be nice to keep them and give them to her for evidence the night of! She tugs at it a little before Herman nudges her down to her knees.

You needed it. Yeah, I did that before we took off. Why don't you just let it go! The next morning I noticed that she hasn't taken the plan B pill yet!

I have a little secret to tell you! While we are there a mix race couple come in and set right next to us.

Wife breeding team and other stories

She PM's exactly like I said it. This is breeding! She wore a sleep pad over her eyes; her hands rested languidly on her thigh and she barely stirred in her seat. I instructed the driver to take us back to the hotel. I see her pussy is gaped open wife breeding stories little.

It takes a while but she takes all of his dick. Tibbs afterwards turned her to lie on wide back and came on top of her.

Tibbs and our wedding night

I lean in more to see better. Just a little makeup on to bring out her bright green eyes. We finished our meal then we trooped out of the place, amidst more cheers and handclaps from the customers around.

The last guy Trey comes up as Jason takes his turn. She must have been really turned on.

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I want to push it all back in her srories I just keep working it open and closed, the cum on her clit starts to move towards her pussy I can see it run down into her! While she sucks wife breeding stories other one. I don't get upset at that kinda stuff! We went out for dinner and drinks and ended up back at her friend Amy's house.

I didn't. She grabs it with both hands and still has plenty to put in her mouth.

Tibbs took care of our order. I saw her puting her birth control pills in and noticed that they look like the pills we give the dog for seizures. He finally gets up and pulls out real slow.

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We decided on Wednesday night. Don't you?

I looked up the dog meds storiee found that people take them too and it wouldn't hurt you if you took it by mistake. What should I tell them? But are you really not on any birth control or are y'all just playing?

I didn't mention the whole black guy thing. I'm really not, and the best part is I'm probably ovulating right now!

So I pull it out and she grabs on and starts to suck my dick while Herman fucks her. Chapter 2.

Breeding confessions ยป breeding sins, secrets and stories

Have you considered the RISK thing yet? I even imagine him having sex with her.

She wore nothing except her thigh stockings.