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What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun

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What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun

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Han Solo picks up Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and slices open the belly of his dead tauntaun and stuffs Luke in to to warm him up and save his life. Advertisement But is this scene at all realistic? If you were freezing, would jumping inside the dead body of a giant animal really help you stay taunyaun in this situation?

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In mild hypothermia, ihternal the body begins to shiver and one's heart rate increases in an effort to conserve heat. This is essentially a liquid-like environment, one that will transmit the body temperature of the tauntaun well.

We cannot know for sure if the tent is on his person as he explores Hoth. Advertisement The burden is on Han The clock is ticking - how fast can Han Solo create a temporary shelter temperaturf warm up Luke? Erring on the side of saving Luke's life and the galaxyFree Fort Worth adult chat no sign up are also assuming the snow storm on Hoth did not venture outside the boundaries of temperature extremes for the planet. The effects of windchill are also neglected in this model, as well as any severe cooling of the tauntaun prior to Luke's insertion.

Feces, bile, stomach acid and more wonderful biological fluids.

What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun? … art board print

By measuring the rectal temperature of the cadaver and temperature of the room, the time since blood circulation ceased i. Tauntauns are a little over two meters tall. Would the water heat up or cool? Advertisement As this is Adult want sex Henderson NewYork 13650 tongue-in-cheek look at applying real world science to a fictional event, we should probably discuss a couple of unknown parameters and assumptions.

Tauntaun jokes

Luke's bewildered state and sluggish pace places him in the mild stage of hypothermia, placing the upper limit of his core body temperature at If Luke enters the tauntaun in a state of mild hypothermia, Han only has 17 minutes and 48 seconds to Lady wants sex CA Citrus heights 95610 Luke, clean off the fluids from his face, and move him to warm shelter before moderate hypothermia sets in. First things first.

I replied Lukewarm. This is also a reasonable starting point for the temperature of the tauntaun carcass, as it has been dead for several minutes.

Science proves luke skywalker should have died in the tauntaun's belly

This state is characterized by speech difficulties, amnesia, puffy blue skin along with the joy of organ failure. Was watching Star Wars with my daughter. Father Goiffon cut open his dead horse and crawled inside to seek shelter from the snow and cold. The open wound is a problem as well, but one that is not easy to model. Or do you think it kept lukewarm?

Woman wants real sex East Brooklyn Luke recently fought a wampa, spoke to a vision of Ben Kenobi, and is seen shivering and confused. It was so cold last night that I had to cut open my tauntaun to sleep. But hallucinations, impaired movements, and confusion — three symptoms Luke exhibits — are useful for diagnosis of Luke's physiological state.

With Luke's body temperature decided, we can now determine how long it takes for the Jedi to plunge into severe hypothermia and with it, death. Advertisement Additional Dangers and caveats The transfer of Luke from the tayntaun interior to the shelter becomes a problem as well.

What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun? / jokes / grepless

She asked why Luke was climbing inside a Tauntaun, I said to keep warm. Since the tauntaun is dead, it is no longer generating heat. Can Han Solo pull a tent from his backpack and erect i within minutes? Related Searches Related. Make sure to check your Tauntaun for a fever in this heat wave.

The internal temperature of a tauntaun

Images from Lucasfilm and Kenner. Advertisement Whether Luke is completely inside of the tauntaun plays a role as well. The bigger scare here is the possibility of severe hypothermia, limb loss, and death, with Taubtaun having the extremely short window of 47 minutes and Sexy teens Sacramento California seconds to extract, transport, and warm Luke.

Pressurized pop-up tents exist in the Star Wars Universe. The wampa Luke fought in the scene left him with several lacerations. Advertisement Admittedly, wampa-fighting is not a symptom of hypothermia. It very well could have due to the severity of the snowstorm at Echo Base.

Any feces that comes temeprature contact with these open wounds would make for a wonderful breading ground for infection. Let's just let the idea of obtaining a Tauntaun's rectal temperature sit with you a moment.

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Mild hypothermia begins once the core body temperature drops to What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun? This makes the fetal position Fuck a cougar in edmonton in order for Luke to temperwture entirely enclosed within the belly. Mace Windu is known to carry a " wallet tent " that self assembles in seconds and can temeprature two people. Would it break? Dead bodies will acclimate to the surrounding temperature of the room as the bodies no longer metabolize nutrients or generate heat.

Advertisement In a matter of minutes, Luke will succumb to hypothermia under our understanding of physiological limits. Limb loss and death comes soon if this stage persists. Temperture, Luke lacks Jedi meditation and healing skills, as the young Skywalker has yet to meet and train with Yoda.

Science proves luke skywalker should have died in the tauntaun's belly

Solo pops out the tent as he explores the planet of Dathomir, a planet he won the deed to in a game of Sabacc. This is an extreme outlier, with the girl likely benefiting from the plasticity of 's brain. They should always be Luke warm.