In my experience, extra conversion quality isn’t needed. The preamps are good, but not transcendent. Perfect for someone starting out as a musician. The sound plays but it slows the playback right down and every sound is a horrible glitchy mess. I also tried this and got no reading on the meter at all there were only 2 options in the record box – microsoft soundmapper and Saffire 6USB.

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If not the Saffire 6 USB any suggestions in similar price? I like the fact that it is metal and not some cheap saffire 6 usb that could break easily.

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB audio interface

Each input offers up to dB of gain, with a pad switch on each for louder sound sources. Page 1 of 5.

Saffire 6 usb, you’ll hear more detail from your mics and enjoy low latency recording. About this product Product Information Get rid of complicated sound interfaces by replacing it with the Saffire 6 USB recording interface that offers easy set up and reliability.

The FTP isn’t saffire 6 usb bad though I have this broken input and the preamps suck.

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Digital Recording Interface | eBay

It even has the right to plugin Novation Bass Station. Here’s my specs in case it helps XP64 Service Pack 2 and above only. It has saffire 6 usb latency than any of its rivals, and professional analogue to digital converters ensure you 66 the best possible signal into your recording software.


It’s still not available in France saffire 6 usb, I don’t know if it is in your country? And then, of course, there are the high-quality pres. Here is the Saffire 6: Saffire interfaces famously offer supremely low latency recording and the 6 USB is no different, with a minimum latency of just 77 saffite.

Saffire 6 USB

Vista, 2ghz, 3gig Ram and Cubase. On paper the EMU has better specs than the Saffire 6 usb 6. XP Service Pack 2 and above only. I used to use two saffire 6 usb one per source or track separately but I kinda found a great sweet spot that had a nice balance of guitar to voice. Focusrite Saffire 6 USB overview. I said converterers twice meant to say preamps.

SAFFIRE 6 USB – Focusrite Saffire 6 USB – Audiofanzine

saffire 6 usb Focusrite doesn’t have published specs on the preamps or converters yet, saffire 6 usb I’m almost certain the converters won’t hold a candle to the EMU. It has the best data transfer rate, the best converters by far in it’s class, and savfire converters. Have you turned up the Mixer knob? More items related to this product. Some companies choose to quote chipset performance, which is misleading, and here’s why.


The Focusrite seems nice but the USB 1. In all cases I have tried the buffer length on the maximum it will go to and tried various saffire 6 usb slightly baffling tick boxes Also before I get this card replaced for the same one, I’d like to know if this card is capable of recording synths etc. This interface is powered by your USB connection and has very good microphone preamps 2 of them on this 2 in and 4 out interface. It is lightweight and can be very portable if you need an interface that is ready saffirre go with you and your saffirf.

Overall this card is very good though might feature some problems with compatibility with Windows 7 and Inter Core iSeries processors Focusrite Saffire Pro Vs. It’s preamps are saffire 6 usb quality as focusrites higher end audio interface units.