Due to that I made my own cable. This assumes that the group uucp exists and has rw permissions on this tty device to check: The result is nice looking and can easily supply mA without any of the components heating up. The switcher chip is short circuit protected and 1N protects the plug itself from reverse polarity. These diodes act like zener diodes but can withstand huge currents in short bursts. Only 3 connections of the serial cable are to be connected directly to the eTrex. I stumbled across the idea to use a piece of credit-card or any suitable plastic for hacked connector.

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Here the designer has relied on two chokes garkin suppress HF noise, and has added diode to protect against reverse polarity spikes. The port specified will vary with operating system.

Hacking eTrex

Open the charger up pry carefully along edges, it comes apart quite easily. The aim is to create a circuit gqrmin looks like this:. It should look something like this:. This is how it looks:. GPSBabel garmin etrex serial the same across the three platforms with the exception of the operating system dependent way that you refer to serial ports.

Garmin eTrex GPS receiver is a cute little thing that does not cost you a fortune. This is it, hook it garmin etrex serial to 12V and check that there is 2. If you have trouble, try turning your GPS off and back on.


Give the wizard the garmin etrex serial of the file that you downloaded and follow the instructions. Heat can get to the copper through the leads that are soldered on top side.

The “Add New Hardware” wizard will likely see the new device.

A home-made Garmin eTrex data cable

Now solder a piece of wire from where Q1 emitter garmin etrex serial to positive output terminal. You can check that this created the device in etrrx terminal window:.

Just cut it into the necessary form and drill six holes for the cable ends. Create a new connection using com3 and setting the speed to bits per second. Having only a GPS receiver makes not much sense. My friends created a better connector from PC power supply garmin etrex serial that coes to AT style motherboard. Retrieved from ” http: Navigation menu Personal tools English Create serkal Log in. Some GPS garmin etrex serial will show you the progress of their data downloads and uploads.

Hopefully the power plug and eTrex survive the field test. There is a better alternative, however. The cable eTrex uses a proprietary connector, and Garmin etrsx garmin etrex serial sell you just the plain connector.

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How are you going to get your tracklogs and waypoints? These diodes act like zener diodes but can withstand huge currents in short bursts. The fourth connection on the eTrex is used for an external power supply and is not necessary for data exchange.

I opened mine up to see if there is a way to modify it for Garmin power supply and was pleased to find familiar chip inside. Switching regulator Due garmin etrex serial size and ineffective operation, the linear regulator is not very cool: Two ways – easy, cheap and hot or complicated, expensive and cool.

C4 sets the minimum switching frequency, this depends on the inductor used and various other things. It is garmjn the above garmin etrex serial without D2,C1,L1,L2 with trickle charger generator and charge current detector added gramin from discrete components. You need Garmin etrex serial connector female, 9 or 25 pins as needed with housing if possible. The cable itself can be taken from an old mouse or some similar device.