The internal RAM has 4 Kbytes. SUB1 turns on, when one or two dots are to be energized, with the preceding dot energized. With the three projections set, set this button on the projection and hole “A” in the body cover. The DC motor assy is defective. When the low level of sensor input is detected, the DC motor brake is applied.

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The DC motor does not operate with the cover open, which is detected by the cover open sensor. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting.


Replace the main PCB assy. Replace the roller holder assy. Then, insert the shaft at the bottom into the slit at the bottom of the head assy to set the roller holder assy. Fabric printing brother pt 9200pc when using fabric printing tape cassettes. Broother bracket Inlet assy Two screws Fig.

The cover is open during printing. Connect the print head cable correctly. Replace the DC motor assy. It’s always possible brother pt 9200pc an older driver will work.

Subsequently, the CPU keeps the full cutter motor on. Silicone grease G 2 After inserting the cutter rock pin into the groove in the movable blade of the cutter assy, insert the two locating shafts of the frame assy into the round and oblong holes.


At the same time, the platen gear becomes engaged with the platen idle gear. Stamp tape when using stamp tape cassettes. Check if the solder of the harness has peeled off. At this time, check that brohher longer of the hooks of the cover open spring is set on the projection on the body cover.

Cover open cam Cassette cover Cassette cover Projections on the cassette cover bracket Body cover Fig. Touching electronic components such as an LSI with an electrified hand will break them, as they are easily affected by static electricity. I lost brother pt 9200pc functionality for the printer, but it did work with XP drivers.

At this time, take care not to sandwich the broyher and connectors inbetween. As the half rock gear rotates counterclockwise, its groove “D” 92000pc brother pt 9200pc brotuer projection on the half cutter holder is inserted operates the half cutter holder to pivot it brtoher shaft “E”. It’s worth trying if you really wish to use this printer. At this state, check that the roller holder rotates smoothly by pressing the back brother pt 9200pc the roller holder assy.

The stepping motor is used to feed the ribbon and the brother pt 9200pc. Subsequently, tighten the three screws. Two screws Tape feed motor assy Main frame Fig.


Check that the brother pt 9200pc open cam is engaged with the right projection pf the cassette cover. Set the tape cassette from the top, and then close the cassette cover.

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Accordingly, the sandwiched tape and ink ribbon will be advanced. The platen is pressed perpendicularly against the thermal head under a uniform load regardless of the thickness brother pt 9200pc the tape, so that the tape is fed. Removing the cover lock actuator removes the cover lock spring. With the machine in operation, P83 is switched to high 920pc turn on Q9 FETsupplying Brother pt 9200pc to the thermal head, the full cutter motor, the half cutter motor, and the tape feed motor.

Brotner Detection Sensor Circuit Fig. The RXD signal is a print data input signal from the computer and transmitted at a maximum brother pt 9200pc rate of 1 1 5. At this time, take care not to damage the motor worm gear.

The power supply PCB is defective.