You are limited to 10 product links in your review, and your link text may not be longer than characters. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The Tuner card can be used to capture local television stations’ broadcasts. By David Stein on May 1, You will have an opportunity to see the effect of these settings in action a bit later in the wizard.

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You must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a comment. Watch the screen of a TV connected to your set-top-box or to the box’s front panel display to verify that the box is properly tuning to each channel.

These digits are sent in exactly the same way they are sent from the remote control that came with the set-top-box. ZIP file contains a plugin. Check the box next usb uirt this item and click ‘Apply’. An individual engineer produced usb uirt bunch of these items usb uirt a hobbyist basis, with a small number of basic drivers and some recommendations of software packages that would work with it. uidt

After you have adjusted these settings as necessary, click ‘Next’. A problem occurred while submitting your comment. If you do not have Girder installed on your system, you usb uirt need to go to the Girder website and follow the download and installation instructions prior to installing the USB-UIRT Girder plugin. I bought this for blasting IR to my components and beign able usb uirt recieve IR codes and map them in Eventghost.

How To Install USB-UIRT – Unified Remote

I spent the usb uirt on this device over less expensive receivers going for faster response times and less delay from remote to HTPC. Learn more about Amazon Usb uirt. Depending on the model of set-top-box, you may also be required to iirt ‘Enter’ or ‘OK’ on your remote after the channel digits have been ujrt. If at any time you need to start over, click the ‘Reset’ button on the page the BeyondTV wizard does not uiirt a way to individually retrain a single digit.


It uses a special infrared sensor to capture the infrared signals being emitted from your set-top-box remote. By default, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista will not automatically launch the Install Wizard, but will try usb uirt search for drivers in Microsoft’s online database.

usb uirt

He won’t even answer simple questions so you are really usb uirt your own with this thing. One person found this helpful.

usb uirt Most of your work is going usb uirt be in Eventghost or whatever program your using. BeyondTV comes with several models, and in many cases usb uirt a model similar to your model same brand will work. Continue following the setup wizard until you arrive at the “Video Broadcast Source” screen.

Selecting the item displayed will insert text that looks like this: After this you should be able to use the remote to control your mouse assuming your physical mouse device is not moving. Note that it will just be a bunch of numbers that you will not understand.

This name will be used as the IR profile udb for your settings and will be added to the list of set-top-boxes available on the “Set-top-box Model” screen of the wizard above. Use Enter after sending channel request: Tried many other IR receivers with my home theater pc and all of them had issues, usb uirt this one.


Training BeyondTV for an Unlisted set-top-box If you chose “Unlisted Device” as your set-top-box model on the “Set-top-box Model” page previously in the wizard, BeyondTV will take you to the next page to begin training from ush usb uirt remote.

To insert a product link, follow these steps: To see all of the options including the advanced tuning settings on usb uirt page, select ” Show More Options ” from the drop-down box. If this box is checked, you will need to select the appropriate number of digits in the drop-down-box below usb uirt selection. Usb uirt, this setting affects how long the duration a particular IR digit is sent, synonymous to how long you usb uirt your finger on each button digit when you are tuning a channel.

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Overall great product, if not a bit expensive, but you need to remember that this is a home made product, and usb uirt aren’t many like it. By watching the red LED, you uwb get an idea of how quickly each digit is being sent, the duration of each digit and the delay between digits. Jon Rhees will not help you to solve any problems so don’t bother. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Usb uirt a match made in heaven.