Be sure to add it to the correct Tab and set to Align Client after you add the frame. What’s the difference between the commercial version and the open-source version of Borland Interbase? When you are logged in as a Technician you will only see appointments assigned to you, marked as pending, and with a date of today. Views Page Discussion View source History. Soft commits are never used in explicit transactions started by BDE client applications. What are the different modules used for?

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Does it mean that access to FireBird database does not use sockets but rather direct access to the filesystem? I haven’t worked in interbase for intedbase but glad to hear that this is still relevant.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. The next time you log into the app it will use your previous RAD Server Session ID for any new connections it tries to make to the server.

Follow InterBase on Twitter. What do I need to let my application connect to a remote Interbase server? Bitmap property on both controls.

The Appointments are saved as appts. Remember that you will need to load one style for each of the four deployment platforms. Client If the server is located on a remote host, you must add an entry in the “services” file on NT: You can also request to Refresh the data at any time to get new updates from the server. Technicians can enter notes about an appointment and mark it as complete.


Just point to the DB with LocalHost: It may NOT interbxse sold for profit, but may be included with commercial software provided it is kept intact and is unmodified. When a new Appointment is downloaded from the server during a data sync a new record is added to the IBLite Notify table. Romesh 1, 2 18 What’s the difference between the commercial version and the open-source version niterbase Borland Interbase?

Data for the Appointments, Parts, and Technician is all downloaded on this tab.

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Retrieved from ” http: Parts are records that can be viewed in the Field Service App client. Be sure to add it to the correct Tab and set to Align Client after you add the hde. Example uses Delphi LoadFromFile method. The offline capabilities are provided by storing the data in IBLite.

Developer Tools

To optimize the InterBase driver, you can change the following options: The Branch ID is stored with each data table so each branch will only see its own set of appointments, parts, and users. A notification is sent to the platform through the TNotificationCenter when this happens.


Client All it takes is an Java Connectivity Kit? If you log out before uploading your changes then you changes would be lost. This page was last modified on 30 Octoberat Gde notification functionality is built so that you can implement your own remote notifications using the same system if needed.

If you want to make changes to the design time frames be sure to edit the frame itself and not the version of it that is embedded in the MainForm. If no intterbase to the server is available the data will be loaded from those files instead.

Quick Guide to Interbase

Client application to connect to an Interbase server process IB Console: Choosing a notification here will take you to the appointment for that notification. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If so, what about performance over WAN links?