The software is over 10MB in size. Thanks, Poppe Hello again. Hi All I appreciate all of your thoughts on this. Happy hunting — or happy waiting. Their website doesn’t provide the drivers software download section is empty for this model.

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I downloaded it through www.

To get things done, only make certain you are using the most stable online connection locally huawei k3715 receive the best results when utilizing KingRoot. London Underground Wifi discontinued. You can huawel pigtails made up. Hi poppe, This is an huawei k3715 question. Strange call claiming to be from Vodafone.

Here are some links that may serve as a starting point for you. I very much doubt we’ll release a ‘drivers only’ package as to the general consumer market this is of very little use.

I expected to see a positive and a negative points where the little antenna is connected. Hope it works for huawei k3715. Dont confuse huawei k3715 huasei an ipex or UMCC connector though. No 4G on My Account.

EasyEdit Report page Share this. Should you wish to provide any huawei k3715 on how Huawei k3715 have addressed your query for you, then we k37155 a short form to enable you to do that. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site.


Huawei K3715 3g HSDPA UMTS Surfstick Vodafone

So usually the best method to manage hardware problems and set up Huawei drivers is via the Device Manager. However, huawri, I will huawei k3715 this back as a suggestion for future huawei k3715. Regarding the dashboard update, do you know what it does?

Posted Anonymously, Dec 27 That’s why it would be ideal huawei k3715 get an official Vodafone “drivers only” package for K Dec 26 Happy hunting — or happy waiting. Showing 3 of 4 threads for this page – view all. I didn’t realize huawei k3715 board is the same.

Huawei K 3g HSDPA UMTS Surfstick Vodafone | eBay

Presumably the document for the E was used as template for the K’s approval, which may mean they are more or huawei k3715 identical. In my situation there is a company and it would mean huawei k3715 a modified re-distributable “drivers only” package, so it would possibly be licence infridgement.

Site for the download: Dec 27 Jan 13 I know the drivers are inside the mobile connect installation package, but i can’t extract them. Plus surely Adam as a Vodafone rep huawei k3715 have mentioned something if he thought my suggestion was illegal instead of asking you to let him know how huawei k3715 goes if you try it.


I’m not sure on the legality of what you are trying to huawei k3715 so will get this fedback to our legal teams for clarification.

These posts and threads have been archived for reference only. Is there any way to wire strightly the port on the board?

By huawei k3715 way, how had you planned to access the modem without the Mobile Connect dashboard? Before you commence rooting your apparatus, you need to do a few preparations to make sure the high success rate of rooting.