This high throughput feature is only possible within a single transaction. This provides two major benefits. The Cheetah device has a flexible clock generator that can produce SPI clock rates at a very fine granularity. Queues cycles amount of delay on the bus. The data frame is described by two parameters: The number of adapters closed is returned on success. This property holds even for very large transactions ranging from hundreds of kilobytes to many megabytes long.

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This will allow the adjacent batches to shift with very cheetab delay between them. After the driver has been installed, plugging in a Cheetah adapter for the first time will cause the adapter to be installed and associated with the correct driver. It is filled with whatever information is available. The original application need not be altered or recompiled. See the API documentation for further details.

The CheetahVersion structure describes the various version dependencies of Cheetah components. This function returns a Cheetah handle, which is guaranteed to be greater than zero if valid. The queue has a queued cbeetah after the last shifted byte, which is not permissible for asynchronous batch shifting.

This means that as devices are added, the circuit increases in complexity. If there is a version mismatch, the API calls to open the device will fail. When in high impedance mode the Cheetah device will hold the last value of the output lines with very weak pull-up or pull-down resistances. This should equal count.


Cheetah SPI Host Adapter

This means increased board api when the number of slaves is increased. This property holds even for very large transactions ranging from hundreds of kilobytes to many megabytes long.

If the application design requires multi-threaded use of the Cheetah functionality, each Cheetah API call can be wrapped with a thread-safe locking mechanism before and after invocation. Currently the following languages are supported: How long to be safe? This provides two major benefits. Each slave device requires a separate slave select signal SS. Information in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Total Phase.

It is a zero-based number. This is an advanced feature that has traditionally only been needed by a few users; a detailed description is provided in the relevant API documentation.

Cheetah SPI Host Adapter Quick Start Guide – Total Phase

You may also be interested in the following product s Flash Programming Kit Price: If there are more devices than the array size as specified by nelemonly the first nelem port numbers will be written into the array. The SPI master and slave must both be configured to use the same bit protocol mode. It is a full-duplex protocol which functions on a master-slave paradigm that is ideally suited to data streaming applications.

Both parameters have two states which results in four possible combinations. No further user configuration should be necessary. The exchange itself has no pre-defined protocol.


Please note that the queue is not cleared after it has been executed. The Cheetah communications layer under Mac OS X does not require a specific kernel driver to operate.

Cheetah SPI Host Adapter – Total Phase

The following procedure is not necessary if you were able to exercise the steps in the previous subsections. If the handle is 0 or invalid, only the software version is set. The Cheetah adapter is specifically designed to communicate with high-speed, SPI-based flash memory. Should a Total Phase product be used in such an unauthorized manner, Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Total Phase, its officers, employees, affiliates, and distributors from any and all claims arising from such use, even if such claim alleges that Total Phase was negligent in the design or manufacture of its product.

If either of these errors are seen, please make sure the driver is installed and of the correct version. The best throughput can be achieved for single transactions that transfer a large number of bytes at a time.