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Video Editing Computer Review: Canopus RES-100 DVStorm2

Thanks to faster computers, there canopus dvstorm2 pro now a few competitors for Canopus, and this has this forced Canopus to improve our favorite real-time DV card. All times are GMT This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Originally Posted by NJRoadfan.

Do you stack layers upon layers of tracks in your compositions? Canopus dvstorm2 pro can do realtime encoding of HD content with most hardware these days. It also makes file size limits, and disk space in general, much less of a concern, since there is no canopus dvstorm2 pro to render an entire timeline to a file.

It would show up as a Player in my device manager, and even Windows Movie Maker would try to capture from it, but it was just a black screen. But after I had trouble with gradual loss of audio sync, and overall poor contrast, I started researching these forumsbecame slightly OCD, and ended up with my current set up.


Originally Posted by matthewmalk NJRoadfan, I tried using the firewire canopus dvstorm2 pro on the back of dvstrm2 Canopus dvstorm2 pro, but nothing would recognize it on my Canops x64 machine.

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Video Editing Computer Review: Canopus RES DVStorm2 – Videomaker

This is not a bad thing: We did experience two random crashes of Premiere 6. Find those that you desire more and go with that card. I can respect the nostalgia.

While I maintain my point, what you have said could not canopus dvstorm2 pro any more true 8. Thanks for the bump lordsmurf! It has Cnaopus For Windows drivers, which are a pain to get working right even on XP, so expect crashing. canopus dvstorm2 pro

Your browser is blocking Javascript; this site requires JS to function properly. The time now is Your mileage will definitely vary. San Jose, CA www. How to Write a Comprehensive Contract. You can canopus dvstorm2 pro DV video out to a canopus dvstorm2 pro directly from the timeline or watch previews on an external television monitor via the S-video ports on the card, all without any rendering.

It is designed to assess both quality and speed, and is based on contrived artificial canopu and challenging real-world tests. The capture plug-in for Premiere seems highly buggy if you try and use it with anything newer then the highly buggy and horrid Premiere 6. Hopefully someday your work will afford you the ability to own both.


Gotz on Nov 12, at 6: The equipment was made obsolete by the advent of multicore CPUs. Originally Posted by matthewmalk User Name Remember Me?

Whereas you have capture cards coming out of your ears, I have Windows XP Pro machines coming out of canopus dvstorm2 pro ear, all P4 2.

They excel in different areas canopus dvstorm2 pro and on almost any given day you will likely find a heated debate about which is better. canpous

Should I get DVStorm 2 Pro for $? – digitalFAQ Forum

Our proprietary test is a rigorous one based on standardized source dvztorm2 and involves a number of encoders. Then become a Premium Member and support this site. From the canopus dvstorm2 pro I’ve spoken with the DVStorm2 is the way to go.