The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. It is a matter of taste my take: It has a few effects implemented, including window minimization, wobbly windows, and drop shadows. The support Manu model Xorg 7. I updated, and it works now! Please find a bug about a similar freeze or file a new one.

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Screen 0 is not DRI capable [ Tomi Urankar tomi0 wrote on I think I have found a solution for this problem and another.

It worked about a year ago but then I bought a 27″ monitor which was only usable with its native resolution of x with the fglrx driver which had some other problems by the way. I’ll post the complete Xorg.

The Free software ‘nv’ driver doesn’t support 3d acceleration but the Nvidia 1.

Installing from source is a lot more complicated. The only people really affected should be people who are writing compositing managers and window managers.


Click the Enable Desktop Effects button. I’m going to fill it into the MESA tree to see what the developers say.


Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. We love compiz and we think it’s great stuff and is well ziglx, but it’s often confused with the underlying architecture of XGL.

So when will it hit precise-updates? If your card is actually a Rage 3f Radeon, submit a bug and assign it to EricAnholt eta lclark.

RenderingProject/aiglx – Fedora Project Wiki

Same problem Ubuntu Hardy 8. This is code that was done entirely upstream in concert with the rest of the X community. In the meantime I checked out the source of xserver- xorg-video- ati too and sensitized by the above findings made a grep over all three source trees libdri, mesa, xserver- xorg-video- ati: On the other hand, they can be slow to support newer hardware or API changes, or never support a particular version of a chip that a 3r driver may support eventually. Either alone should be sufficient.

Furthermore, XFree86 drivers don’t support acceleration in the same way, so offscreen pixmaps wouldn’t be supportable as far as I know. There are some instructions to try to help at http: Dear, I use default version of mesa 7. After upgrading mesa to CVS today, the amount of warnings shrunk to agilx 1: Comment on this change optional.


In theory, it doesn’t.

AIGLX 3d Desktop effects on Suse

I noticed that this fix has been backported into linux-image- 3. It is a matter of taste my take: My freebsd box also produce the same result, may be it’s not specific to some os. Comment on this change optional.

The libdrm fix is in the 2. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the bad glxinfo log.

This will occur after 3. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Last 3v Sun 19 May This is very unlikely a duplicate: In newer versions it became more graceful with the following log messages:.